Sarbjit Nahal delivers TedxGlasgow talk on Demographic Disruption

Signal’s Head of Thematic Investing, Sarbjit Nahal, was recently invited to give a talk on Demographic Distruption by TedxGlagow.

We have two choices. Adapt or die.

Sarbjit Nahal believes we are living in the midst of the most remarkable demographic transitions in human history. But to survive it, we’ll need low-hanging and innovative solutions in immigration, social welfare, technology, training, and work-life balance.

Fertility is declining, the number of young people in the world is starting to plateau, and we have an aging population that are living longer than ever before. And all of this is happening at a time when we have slowing economic growth, technological disruption, and increasing inequality.

How will this transition affect global growth and social cohesion? Join Sarbjit as he shares his ideas on how the world can adapt to survive this new world.

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